Aurélie Vache

Aurélie is a DevRel (Developer Advocate) at OVHcloud in Toulouse, France. She is GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Cloud technologies, Docker captain, CNCF ambassador & Kubernetes for Developers certified. She has been working as a Developer and Ops for over 15 years. She built, deployed & operatized a lot of applications in different architectures and environments. She is a Cloud enthusiast and advocates DevOps/Cloud/Golang best practices.

As one of the leaders of Duchess France, an association that promotes women developers and women working in IT, she is heavily involved in their #AdoptADuchess coaching initiative, which helps beginner and retraining developers.

She has been a conferences and meetups organizer since 2016. She is also a technical writer (dev.to/aurelievache), a book author & reviewer, a sketchnoter and a speaker at international conferences: Devoxx France, Voxxed Days Luxembourg, DevFest Nantes, KubeCon + Cloud NativeCon North America…

She created a new visual way for people to learn and understand Cloud technologies: "Understanding Kubernetes/Istio/Docker in a visual way" in sketchnotes and videos.

Mohammed Aboullaite

Mohammed is a community catalyst and a true open source believer and has contributed to various open source projects. He has helped to build many IT communities in Morocco and he currently works at Xhub, a DevOps software company as Head of Engineering.

Aleksandr Efremenkov

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Aleksandr is working on the Android stack core solutions that millions of European people use. Digger inside the Android platform and is always trying to understand how systems work from the inside. Part-time open source writer and conference speaker, mostly talking about Android internals and system layer.

Lisa Vällfors

I'm a backend engineer at Stockholm-based Embark Studios, working in a team focused on developer experience and building scalable, reliable backend services for our various games and projects. When I'm not coding, I enjoy reading, table-top role playing games and swimming.

Josip Krnjic

Josip is a Lead Engineer at Infinum. He's been developing mobile apps for Android and iOS. He's been into Flutter since alpha 2017 and is very passionate about it. He loves working on mobile apps that look great in the user's hands as well as looking great under the hood with good architecture.

Abdelfettah Sghiouar

Abdelfettah is a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate @Google. Focused on GKE/Kubernetes, Anthos, Service Mesh and Serverless.

Shubham Gupta

Kid with an entrepreneurial mindset worked in startups and big companies. Worked closely with hardware and software. 8+ years of experience in making lives easier with technology, lot to do :)

Barry O’Reilly

Barry is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and a PhD researcher within the field of Complexity Science and Software Design. His work focuses on finding new ways for software architects to make decisions in increasingly complex environments. He is a former Chief Architect within Microsoft Consulting and was the global lead for Microsoft's Solution Architect community.

Simon Östling

Simon is a Customer Engineer at Google working with partners and end-customers to help them make the most of Google technologies.. With a burning interest for technology and problem solving, over the years Simon has acquired a broad and deep technical knowledge in most areas related to IT. He sees himself as an experienced solutions architect with knowledge in many aspects of old and modern techniques and is still hungry for more.

Maud Nalpas

Maud is a Developer Relations Engineer for web security and privacy at Google.

Giorgia Sperandio

Giorgia worked 6 years as a UX and service designer for an international design studio, designing and leading end to end projects in an Agile environment. She took part in the creation of new businesses and in teaching activities. Now she’s working as an experience designer in EA.

Anders Eknert

Developer advocate at Styra with a long background in software development, security and identity systems in primarily distributed environments. When not in front of his computer he enjoys watching football, cooking and Belgian beers.

Marc Klefter

Marc Klefter is Technical Lead at the Swedish consultancy firm Edument, where he helps clients with building cloud native systems via training, advisory services and hands-on support. With an extensive (20+ years) background as an engineer, entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, Marc specializes in event-driven solutions based on established principles and patterns such as DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS.

Abubakar Siddiq Ango

Abubakar Siddiq Ango is a Developer Evangelism Program Manager at GitLab, where he finds better ways for the Developer Evangelism team to engage with the community and measure its impact. He is a Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist and lately focuses on software supply chain security. When not working, he engages with the community through the CNCF, Google Developer & Hashicorp user groups, and other developer communities. He is also the Lead Organizer of the Kubernetes Community Days Africa (KCD Africa), a Google Developer Expert (Cloud), and a CNCF Ambassador.

Pavel Fokin

I started my career as Software Engineer in 2008. Since then, I've worked on a wide variety of projects. To name a few, I took part in developing Linux distribution and developed optimization software for a printing factory. I built a platform to aggregate payment systems, card payments, and cryptocurrencies.

Ivana von Proschwitz

Ivana von Proschwitz is an entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring more women to entrepreneurship and tech. She is founder and podcast host of Tech Hustler, a podcast focusing on "hustling smarter, not harder" where she wants to share unfiltered stories, knowledge and showcase diverse rolemodels in tech. She is part of the management team for Women in AI Sweden, where she has been driving the biggest AI mentorship program in Sweden. She also works for WASP in the arena for WARA Media & Language, connecting research within AI with industry leaders.

Konstantin Bifert

Vue.js, performance, 3D! ❤️

Nuxt.js ambassador & Stackoverflow helper

Content creator since 2022 🎥

Frontend consultant at @passionpeopleNL

Lakshmikanth Karur Rajamani

Lakshmikanth is a technical leader and solutions architect with 9+years of hands-on experience in developing and productionise enterprise-ready AI solutions. Experienced in leading data and AI consulting teams with a focus on improving customer engagement. He is passionate about making a difference and creating a positive impact on the world while maintaining a customer-centric focus.

Natarajan Palani

Natarajan is an Analytics & Engineering professional with 7+ years of hands-on experience developing ETL pipelines. He also has been involved in qualitative and quantitative research to drive product growth & roadmap to support data-driven & customer-centric decision-making to enrich customers' experience. Passionate about making a difference and creating a positive impact on the customer experience.

Julien Bisconti

Software engineer turned Site Reliability Engineer. Certified Data Engineer for GCP and Kubernetes Administrator. Has worked on performance critical microservices at a global scale. Helps companies scale up their infrastructure by mentoring, educating and building scalable software solutions. Focuses on information used and generated by services, basically data, which in turn is used to make informed, data-driven decisions about the future of the business. Has a Master in Computer Science and a broad experience in many layers from infrastructure to front-end. University guest lecturer and active in the Stockholm meetup community.

Moisés Martínez

I am a PhD in Artificial Intelligence specialized in the areas of robotics, automatic planning and machine learning. In addition, I am organizer of T3chfest and Madrid Google Cloud Developer group, speaker at different meetups and GDE on Machine Learning.

Guillermo Rodas

Guillermo Rodas, helps developers to improve their skills while creating quality products.

He is a Full-stack JavaScript Developer from Colombia living in Sweden.

Organizer of CSS Community Dev, and CSS Conf Colombia.

Google Developer Expert in Web Tech, and affiliated Twitch Streamer.

Aleksandr Denisov

Aleksandr is an experienced software developer with a reach background, in IT for more than 20 years. He worked with different stacks in backend, frontend and mobile fields, but since 2018 his main interest is Flutter. Aleksandr is a Flutter and Dart GDE and Head of Flutter Discipline in EPAM Systems.

Sergey Kibish

Full-Stack Solutions Architect who makes clients happy by solving their problems. Minimalist. Gets stuff done.